Facebook Mom Groups are Rough! 

I’m currently apart of 5 groups and some of these women are absolutely harsh. I think it’s funny because most them have a pinned post that says something like “we are all here to give support. Be nice,” but if you post something someone doesn’t like then suddenly you’re a “dumb bitch.” 

They are toxic. I’m about to delete them all. I may keep one or two but reading all the negativity makes me unhappy with my life, especially when these people bash their husbands. At first I was like “yeah, my husband does/doesn’t do that too” and it was nice not to feel so alone. But some women… some women make marriage look awful. I don’t want to feel that way against my husband. I feel guilty just posting a post complaining about him. I love my husband. There was a time when women didn’t have Facebook to post their dirty laundry. 

Thanks for adding me, friends, but I think I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. I’m surprised I haven’t already been banned for that…


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